Welcome to Vbung & Vdoor Story!

My name is Vitalie Popa and I would like to introduce Vbung*&Vdoor* Invention to you.

It is a winemaking technique without adding additives and/or preservative for people to enjoy the natural beauty of organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

GRAPES + BARREL+ VBUNG= Additive and Preservative Free Winemaking

Vbung seals the oak barrel and allows maintaining continuous safe positive and/or negative pressure inside the barrel during maceration, fermentation, malolactic fermentation and aging.  Positive pressure can be created naturally (during fermentation) or artificially using gasses allowed in the Beverage Industry. Negative pressure can be created using a vacuum pump.


This way aerobic, anaerobic environment and evaporation can be controlled.

Vbung & Vdoor Invention can be applied to wine, beer, cider, spirit any beverage that requires the use of wooden barrels as part of the technological process during maceration, fermentation, malolactic fermentation and aging.

*Vdoor 2017 – Old Design
*Vbung 2018 – New Design